Beginners course

We can tell you something about the beginners course:
We mainly use the textbook ‘de Delftse methode’ or ‘Contact’. Alongside these books we have developed our own extra materials to support the course. These consist of practice exercises for grammar and vocabulary, as well as listening and reading texts to reinforce vocabulary and improve comprehension. During the lesson we use all our resources to help you achieve your goal: Effective communication in Dutch. It’s important for us and for you that you get pleasure from the Dutch language and that the learning process itself is enjoyable.
We aim to spend forty 90-minute lessons on Contact1 as well as on de Delftse methode. (There are further books in these series).

What will you be able to do after 10 weeks?

If you attend lessons twice a week for ten weeks you will have covered half of the beginners' course. You will be able to:

Introduce yourself

Greet someone

Ask the way and give directions

Make a suggestion and react to a suggestion

Understand simple texts and notices

Order food and drink

Congratulate or commiserate with someone

Know the vocabulary for members of your family

Describe the interior of a house

Do your daily shopping

Chat about food and drink

We stress the importance of learning the vocabulary, because you can communicate pretty well if you have the right words, even if the grammar is not 100% perfect!

It could be that you have a preference for another coursebook: maybe something that does pay more attention to grammar rules for example. Or perhaps you’ve already begun learning with another book. If you’d rather use Code Nederlands, De IJsbreker, Help! or Taal Vitaal, that would certainly be possible.